About Us

Anuttara was born out of the desire to revive the glory of the Bhagalpur Silk industry by providing the quality products of the weavers with adequate market linkages through active partnership and shared ownership of the organization.
The vision is to have a business that is ultimately owned by promoters, investors, employees and last but not the least; the primary producers of the craft products. We believe that profit is just a basic necessary evil to keep our business sustainable. At the same time, the promoters are very clear in their view that any such profit must be shared with the primary producers as they are the ones who create the products which ultimately sell in the market.

Our Objective

  • Strengthen rural silk textile.
  • Create a profitable fund for weavers and artists.
  • Promote and develop bhagalpuri silk and manjusa painting all over the world.
  • Providing job opportunities in rural areas.
  • Providing silk fabric directly to wholesellers and consumers.

Our Vision

  • Employment generation
  • Women empowerment
  • Upliftment of society
  • Popularity of bhagalpuri silk and manjusa painting
  • Growth of weavers and artists in rural areas